ABOUT YOU provides goods for men, women and kids from over 1 000 fashion brands.

How to shop with us?

Kat4life is your personal shopping adviser. Our clients have the comfortable ability to order the newest trends using our browser based app or shopping-portal.

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For those who are familiar with our service we do have only one advice. Shopping!


ABOUT YOU belongs to the fastest growing fashion and technology start-ups in Europe. With the product range from more than 1 000 brands, ABOUT YOU managed to digitalise the complete classic purchase process. The online-platform offers its clients individual and comfortable services for ultimate shopping experience right on the smartphones and computer.

Что такое KatCart?

  1. Приложение KatCart для Google Chrome и Yandex Browser, после предварительной регистрации, позволит Вам собрать все интересующие Вас товары в одну корзину всего за несколько кликов
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