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Statuses and their detailed description

Statuses are used to manage and process your orders. After making an online purchase, your order is assigned different statuses, the change of which depends on the stages of their processing.

You can monitor the status of an order yourself on the Shopping Portal page. Shopping Portal.

What are the meanings of different statuses?

Order processing is paused – prepay has to be made

Assigned to articles, if the prepayment is not received in the general balance. When prepayment is made, the order is accepted for processing.

Order is accepted for processing

Assigned to articles accepted for processing.

Order is sent to supplier

After processing the order is sent to the supplier

Item is ordered

Order is sent to online store

Order is confirmed

The order is confirmed by the online store and the expected date of delivery of the article to the KATORG warehouse (in the “Delivery” column) is set. Attention! Status 40 can be changed to 91 – item has sold out

Item is in Katorg’s warehouse

Item entered stock KATORG

Item is held in stock

Status 51 gives you the opportunity to hold the delicery of any ordered article up to 7 days. After this period, the article’s number is assigned status 55, i.e. Item ready to ship. Item can not be re-held in stock.

Item could not be found in stock

Item could not be found at Katorg’s warehouse

Big article is temporarily held