Gifts and Bonuses

Good Gifts for Good Relations!

Promotional gifts and bonuses for our customers

We appreciate our customers and try to make their purchases even more enjoyable and profitable. Therefore, we constantly hold exclusive promotions and interesting jokes, giving personal discounts and gift coupons.
Every six months the most active customers receive a super bonus.

It is a discount  the size of which is individual for each client.

The total amount of orders for the season should be 1000 € and above.
The amount of a personal discount depends on regular sales during a certain season.

January 1 – June 30, July 1 – December 31

Order amountDiscount amount
from 1000 €-1%
from 2000 €-2%
from 3000 €-3%
from 4000 €-4%
from 5000 €-5%
With an increase in seasonal turnover, a personal discount increases.
If there is a decrease or absence of goods turnover, the benefit for a personal discount is lost.
Exclusive promotions on favorable terms.
Our company has tight partnership with online stores offers special discounts provided only for our customers.
For articles valued at 100 euros and above.
Not more than 15 euros for each item cost from 100 euros.
The bonus is paid 2 times a year at the end of each season.
The bonus is accrued on all items regardless of the online store.
  • Gift vouchers for new customers
  • Gift vouchers for customers’ birthday
  • Special Gift Coupons

An exclusive gift voucher with a personal promotional code is offered as part of special promotions and is valid under certain conditions. A limited coupon can be used to purchase one article only once. Expired promotional code is invalid.